Easy File Upload (basic version*)

Just point to a file that you wish to upload from your computer using the  button below. Then press the "EZ Upload" button. 
Step 1:                 Enter Filename: 
(After pressing "EZ Upload" below, the next page will verify completion of the file upload. You can send us some information about your project in the form that will appear. After sending the form you will also be able to send additional files, should you wish to do so.) We accept files for PC and Mac computers. Also, we have a wide range of the fonts commonly used. For critical work, you may want to include any special fonts used in your files. 

Step 2:    Press here to send file >    

Step 3:    Please wait for the entry form, which will appear as soon as the file has finished uploading. 
Note: An upload progress indicator should pop up automatically, unless your browser is set to block pop-up windows. 

 *This version is presented to you if your browser appears to have been set to reject "cookies". The "full" mode of our upload process uses browser "cookies" to increase the level of convenience for our clients, especially when they upload more than one file or when they return at a later time. If you would like to use the full mode, you may want to stop this upload, activate "cookies" in your browser and then click here to start from the home page.

Feel free to contact us at 1800-880-2178 
or by email if you need any assistance.